Once upon a time

I was born in Pola de Laviana (Asturias), northern Spain, in August 1993. Even though I studied Audiovisual Communication, I was led on to Art History by my interest in visual arts. I am currently doing my Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries Direction and Management, where I will be specialized in audiovisual companies.

This blog stands for providing a direct and close vision of cultural and audiovisual sphere. Constant learning is my main guideline, so I never turn down any rewarding experience. Commitment, autonomy, and observation are the words that best define me. I enjoy learning from my mates, sharing knowledge and working with whoever collaborate with me. Creativity comes easy when you are a team! I love to achieve new challenges, so I opened up this blog!

At this moment, I participate in a Shuttle for Employment and Social Entrepreneurship with the aim of increasing my professional competence. I have grown my self-knowledge and trained my natural abilities: communication, empathy, and leadership. If you want some more information about the projects I am enrolled in, take a look at my profiles in social media.