Responsibility for change

As an intern in a communication agency, I have the freedom to choose topics that I care about and write about them in a context of communication and media.

In one of my lasts posts, I went over the fact that more and more brands are looking for responsible packagings made of cardboard or recycled materials instead of plastic. This trend has turned into a new way of branding design: the eco-packaging.

I have recently attended a course about the environment in Red Cross Youth. We were asked to make a list with “10 things you can do for the environment”. I was surprised that only two of us named “stop buying overpackaged products”. In fact, it was even more surprisingly to know that the attendants didn’t manage to come up with those 10 things. Does it mean that we don’t feel we must take care of the environment? Or is it just that we don’t know how?

Moreover, we were told that a common action such as using a straw in our drinks is causing a huge damage to seas. If this simple fact is destroying our planet, what will be the impact of tons of plastic packagins on Earth?

Personally, I try to avoid those brands that, under my point of view, don’t respect environment. For instance, Starbucks. Every time I have come to this coffee branch I have been given a plastic mug, even when I was having it in there.

The coffee giant is now promoting their reusable and recyclable mugs for only 3 euros. And they must be thrilled to show us their (revolutionary) invention: the travel mug. So Starbucks keeps telling us about their great environmental policy but, how can you tell me to be green friendly?

Having all of this in mind, we gave a talk in high school to tweens between 11 and 13 years old. Even though they didn’t have the main concepts clear, the whole class was aware of the overpackaging problem and expressed how they felt about it. Their feedback was essential to find out that we are together in this.

It’s good to know that are people keen on showing the world what we can do better. And it’s nice from others that they are here to listen and adopt the changes.  We all need to change our mindset!

Before you finish reading, I want to illustrate these issues with a perfect example of what is happening in the seas. There’s a picture which represents the facts with astonishing simplicity.


And you, do you plan on changing your habits?

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