Is social media enhancing our creativity?

Do you believe that the new generation are wasting too much time on Snapchat or Instagram? Would you like to be unplugged from all social media platform and spend your time in a productive way? Get rid of these thoughts! It seems like social media is turning us into creative beings without even knowing.

You can be trained to have the ability to be creative. Even though creativity is strongly connected with imagination, the only difference is that creativity always requires the creation of something. Maybe you wouldn’t consider yourself as a creative person, until now… Or maybe aren’t you the type of person that wrings out your brain when thinking of the most original selfie?

Often times it is said that creative people feel every simple experience as a thrilling story and perhaps that is the reason why they enjoy telling stories with such great emotions. Isn’t that what happens everyday in your Instagram feed?

Social media is not only a cyberspace that encourages us to be creative, but it also feeds the process. The huge numbers of videos and pictures about an unbelievable assortment of topics is achieved by an unlimited archive, stemming from a wide range of inspiration from almost anything you can come up with: decoration, traveling, fashion, healthy habits, nutrition…In addition, experts confirm that the time we spend in exploring the contents and interacting with other users is needed inasmuch as it provides with mental rest, which is vital to keep the concentration level when it comes to following tasks.

For those who need feedback for a new project, social media is a perfect scenario. Putting on a display to the audience’s criticism is an unbeatable way to improve and learn from your mistakes. Social media allows us to have the valuable opportunity to get to know different points of view and grants us access to information that we would never know of otherwise. In this sense, it gives us the possibility to broaden our minds and open up our way of thinking.
Now that you know this, you no longer have to feel bad for spending your time on social media. Take advantage of it!

I give you some interesting links, if you want to continue looking up your creativity skills:

14 exciting new things to try on social media by Hootsuite. 

Inspiration by Post Planner

Featured image by Angelo Pantazis.

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