A few words on social media and art

Did you know that Instagram has already more than 500 million users? Around 100 million pictures are shared by 300 million people that update their profiles everyday?Many of them are authentic pieces of art that are sold through this medium.

Because of its visual nature, this platform is not only a social network, it is an opportunity to launch emergent artists who still remain unknown to the public. Nowadays, there is no need to battle with gallery owners, you can have your own gallery in the palm of your hand. For the rest of the humans, it gives us the chance to follow and see just what we want, just like if it was a museum, with new content every minute.

Personally, my favorite artists are those who publish their plain but intelligent drawings, as @bymariandrew. With her genuine scribbles, she demonstrates is possible to express without spectacularity. And this is the good in Instagram, there is everything on it! Photographers, graphic designers, writers, storytellers, drafters, visual artists, theater companies, actors, street artists, musicians. . .


Why is it ideal for artists?

Unlike Facebook or other social network, besides being very visual, Instagram suggest content you would probably like to see, instead of people you may know. This way you are able to reach every place in the world just having a public profile although, at the same time, it allows you to keep your life private.

Posts are very fleeting and, as new talents, come and go. It is a dynamic and very easy to use platform, the inspiration you can find is exponentially multiplied there. The majority of users are young, so it is an ideal place to introduce new trends in art.


What many people have done to success on the net

The most important that successful Instagram profiles have done is to keep up with content marketing strategies. In the first place, they had their purpose clear, either as a hobby, to put themselves on the map or even to sell their art pieces. Once the target is known, it is easier to establish a content strategy.

In many cases, they took an iconic profile picture or a defining logo, as brands and media do. In this sense, having a style guide is vital: what kind of posts, with what colors, what fonts… All publications must have the same style pattern to be uniform and integrated. For this reason, we are able to recognise the style of an artist, online or in real life.


Throw yourself into promoting your artwork

-Share content daily, without collapsing. An excellent quality in your pictures is the most important. Take care of your image on the Internet.

-Take advantage of other apps. Edit your pics with judgement and taste, use VSCO cam and Preview for a gallery that will be a masterpiece itself. I am aware that publishing content day by day is complicated and laborious, but Buffer or Hootsuite can make it easier, they are both used by companies and businesses all over the world to keep their followers provided with content. There is no excuse!

-Always tag, hashtags can’t be missed if you want to be found. I’ll make it easy for you, you will find a list with examples you can use at the end of this post. Show the creative process with pics or videos. With Instragram stories and its live videos you can do it in real time.

Produce feedback and build a community, answer every comment and give a few likes. Follow other artists and, of course, national museums, galleries, main communication media profiles… You will see how soon your followers increase.

Et voilà! Your profile is ready to make yourself known or even to sell your artwork.

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Remember that I am also on Instagram and that I love to find new pieces there. Feel free to tag me if there is something I should see.


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