What do creative industries mean?

I came up with this post for those who are unfamiliar with what creative industries involve. This is my personal opinion about why they all need each other.

Tradition and heritage are on the base due to their basic role in developing any culture.

Art, design and crafts take some inspiration from culture and tradition and usually add new concepts to them. It has actually countless branches: painting, sculpture, crafts, architecture, fashion design… Books and publications come from one of the main elements in a culture, the language.

Creative industries (1)


Since audiovisual communication works with ideas and information, I wanted to associate it with clouds: they are both intangible and attached to many interpretations as human beings exist. Not everybody sees or understands the same in them. Cinema, radio, visual arts, music and video games are included in this group.

The sun can be seen all around the world as digital media are shared worldwide. I believe in new media making culture and tradition thrive. This industry along with audiovisual communication also have an incredible educative power if used properly. That is the reason I am personally interested mostly in both.

Research material where you can find a Spanish, European and Iberoamerican network of cultural and creative industries:

Red de Industrias Creativas



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